Monika Scarrabelotti

Monika Scarrabelotti

I am an emerging Sydney artist working in the field of figurative sculpture and painting.  The themes I portray are quintessentially human, exploring feelings of sensuality, anxiety, and contemplation of the sublime expression that is our own existence.  I am inspired by the turbulence of emotion, dreams, mythology, and the overwhelming beauty of the natural world.  My work is driven by an intense fascination of the world spinning around me, and observation of my relationships and surroundings.  I am captivated by the aesthetic beauty of the figure - but also compelled try to describe the inner workings and dreamscapes of the imagination.  

Currently studying a Masters of Fine Art (sculpture) at National Art School.

 Previous art installations and participation at festivals includes:

Sculptural installations at Psyfari Festival (2016, 2014 and 2013)

Sculptural installations and land art at Freqs of Nature Festival, Berlin (2015). 

History of art exhibitions includes:

Palmer Arts Project Woollahra, Emerging Artists Exhibition 2015, 

NAS Undergraduate Exhibition National Art School 2013

Painting Sucks Stairwell Gallery, National Art School 2013

The Combine Gallery W, 2013

The Vagina Dialogues Stairwell Gallery, 2013