Backyard Conservation

Chad Beranek

Chad Beranek

Conservation & Health

In the first part of 'The Link between Nature Conservation and Human Health' we will delve deep into the inner workings of the human mind by collate research from psycology, evolutionary biology and wildlife ecology. You will gain a thorough understanding of why nature, biodiverse nature that is, is so important to us. Not only on a mental and spiritual level, but also on a purely physical health level.

The second part of this seminar will explore how to reconnect with nature via maximising biodiversity in your living space so that you get the optimum health benefits. In this part, we will immerse in wildlife ecology, and how to attract all groups of Australian native animals into your living space using the most advance techniques and knowledge from the fields of restoration ecology. This section will give you the knowledge to live in an abundant and healthy lifestyle in harmony with the natural ecosystems that are present in our land.

Chad is a wildlife Ecologist and PhD Candidate at the University of Newcastle who is active in wildlife conservation and looking at the solutions to problems the natural environment faces in a holistic and multiple front view. Chad has experience in guiding international wildlife documentary film sets, conducting remediation projects, and delivering motivational and educational presentations for councils, groups and interstate music festivals. He aims to use his experience, knowledge and passionate to inspire a new generation of environmental consciousness.