Native Tree Planting

67,000 trees planted at re-GEN EVENTS.... and counting!

An integral part of the Regrowth Festival is the revegetation project. The simple act of planting a tree has a positive impact on both the Earth and the tree planter. For many, the Regrowth Festival is the first opportunity they have ever had to contribute to the environment in this way and can have lasting effects of re-connecting and awareness raising.

RE-GEN and festival attendees have successfully rehabilitated areas of degraded land at three previous sites over the past 10 years through planting of a grand total of 67,000 trees.

Environmental Outcomes:

  • Control/remediate erosion
  • Support and promote bio-diverse life
  • Help reduce carbon in the atmosphere
  • Create habitat corridors
  • Control water siltation issues

Social/Community Outcomes:

  • Share and increase environmental awareness
  • Provide a hands on opportunity for taking environmental action
  • Build community
  • Re-connect with nature

Agriculture Outcomes:

  • Wind break for improved growth of grasses for grazing
  • Shade for livestock

A 3 year Revegetation Management Plan for the site at Lake Liddell has been developed and is able to be viewed here: Regrowth Festival Lake Liddell 3 year Revegetation Management Plan

Tree planting will take place on the Saturday and Sunday of the festival from 9am - 4pm at various locations within walking distance from the festival. There will be a limited supply of tools and gloves so if you can bring your own it will ensure there is enough to go around.