Emanating from the depths of the psychedelic journey and inspired by the unique surroundings of New Zealand, Sub.conscious’ music is the result of experimentation in rhythm, sound design and bass. A sound engineer by trade and an audiophile by passion, he has been creating music for 5 years, with a focus on deeply psychedelic atmospheres filled with glitchy detail and organic elements.

As a part of international bass collective Shanti Planti, his debut E.P ‘Unfold Dissolve Evolve’ was released in early June 2015, along with a contribution to the label V.A ‘Rhythm Code’.

Recently a headlining act for Twisted Frequency (NZ), he has also played festivals such as Yemaya (Aus), Manifest (Aus) and Lost Theory (Croatia) alongside artists Whitebear, Grouch, Foldy and Kalya Scintilla. Having spent most of 2015 exploring India he is now relocated in Melbourne looking to further expand his creative horizons.

Always changing form while remaining grounded in origin, it is music which seeks to transmute inspiration into evolution and chaos into form. Acknowledging the powerful balance between repetition and change while maintaining a sense of humour, the journey goes on…