Rumour has it that Shayno was born with a mix tape in his hand.
From this humble beginning came a desire to find and play the best and most diverse music he could find. After 10 years playing in the wilds of clubland, weddings, parties and anything, he found Psychedelic Trance and his love affair with doof began. Since then he has played to packed dancefloors and entertained many with his eclectic, funky and very danceable collection.

He is proud to be a founding member of R.E.G.E.N Inc, a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to spread awareness of our environment by providing a space to plant native trees, learn and engage with nature whilst dancing to the tunes of some of the best composers of our time. ( R.E.G.E.N has planted over 80,000 trees in the past 10 years, visit for our full story and upcoming gigs. )

Since he fell in love with Psytrance he has learnt and played alongside some of the masters, including zen mechanics, ace ventura, logic bomb, sensient, opiou, terrafractyl, sun control species, rinkadink, mr peculiar and many more. Focusing on getting people moving with funky beats, every set is different to the last, tailored to the audience using the best of the best tunes available.

At the moment he’s into all good quality proggy techno chunky funky stuff. But there is also this love affair with hard psychedelic trance. It just turns him on. Big time!

So in a nutshell, if you like to dance, bio[diversity] delivers.

From Miles Davis to Minilogue to Mekkanika, mixed live every time, lively.

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Doof is to me, as food is to ‘em