Lake Liddell Recreation Area, Hebden Rd, Muswellbrook NSW

The time has come for the Regrowth Festival to move our positive action to another site that dearly needs your positive participation.
11 years ago we held a festival at the Lake Liddell Recreation Area in the Hunter Valley where we planted 5000 trees. We are very excited to be returning to this wonderful site for Regrowth Festival 2017 to recommence the important revegetation project and celebrate with all the sustainable elaborate production that is a standard at our events!

There have been some hurdles in this process including the identification earlier this year of a disease bearing amoeba in the adjoining lake. This has resulted in the lake being permanently closed to the public. We are working with authorities to ensure the lake is kept secure for the safety of all festival participants.

The site is very convenient being only 2.5 hrs north of Sydney, 1hr 20 min from Newcastle and 5hrs from Canberra and Coffs Harbour with bitumen surface the whole journey. The wonderful town of Muswellbrook is also just a short distance from the site offering accommodation, food and other supplies.

There are great grounds for camping including shower facilities and the lake provides a spectacular vista surrounding the festival site (but no swimming sorry). There is even the possibility of camping under the shade of the trees we planted 11 years ago!

The revegetation project will be continuing the important job of restoring some of the degraded and cleared land on the festival site and we are aiming to plant another 5000 trees.