How to Survive and Thrive

Your Festival Experience "how to" guide


The Regrowth Festival is a 4-day event. As you'll be staying in the bush, these following things will be very handy:

  • Tent and camping gear
  • Bring your own cutlery and crockery to stalls when eating (no waste adds to the taste)
  • Sleeping bag, blankets, mattress, chairs, and ground mats
  • Torches and batteries - Head torches are invaluable for nighttime navigation!
  • Warm clothes for the nights, just in case!
  • Water and water containers (there will be free drinking water onsite, but no free water containers and buying water in bottles is very wasteful)
  • Hats, sunscreen of any description, organic or chemical.
  • Spare toilet paper (unlikely to be needed as we will ensure the toilets are stocked with 100% recycled paper)
  • First aid kit
  • Any Prescription medication you may require
  • If you can take a spare set of car keys do it - give one to a friend for safekeeping
  • No Pets 
  • No Glass or Excessive amounts of alcohol
  • No Illegal Substances
  • No Anti-Social Behavior
  • No Fires or Fireworks or naked flames (including camp stoves) - Total Fire Ban in effect
  • No offensive music or banter that annoys your neighbours at any time in campgrounds.

It may sound blindingly obvious, but check your tent before you leave - is it in good condition? Does it have a ground sheet? Is it waterproof? Have you got enough poles and tent pegs? Do you know how to put it up? Do you have a camping mat and a sleeping bag? It can get cold at nights, so these items are essential and will make a significant difference, a camping mat under you will prevent a lot of heat loss. Don't forget a can opener if you're planning on eating that can of baked beans you packed.

Please remember to leave all unnecessary, precious items at home, which you won't need anyway at the festival. Come with less luggage to keep yourself free to enjoy the festival activities. The less you bring, the less you have to look after and the less you have to take home again! Let's not forget we all have to keep this beautiful space in its shape. Please always remember to treat this unique piece of earth with respect! Bring yourself and your talents, costumes, musical instruments and share freely with everyone. Attend workshops, and actively explore the opportunities available.


This is a festival set in the Australian bush. There are certain risks associated with an outdoor festival and by attending you agree to accept full responsibility for yourself and your actions. Management reserve the right to refuse entry & unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated. The Festival rules listed above are conditions of entry and failure to observe these rules may result in eviction from the festival.


Earlier this year a disease bearing amoeba was identified in the adjoining lake. This has resulted in the lake being permanently closed to the public. We are working with authorities to ensure the lake is kept secure for the safety of all festival participants. If you need to cool down, visit 'Sprinkle', the water play chillout area. Dancefloors will also have sprinklers and cold showers are available.


There will be no alcohol for sale. You are permitted to bring a reasonable amount of BYO but please take the following into consideration:

Please bring cans, not glass bottles. Apart from the health and safety issues surrounding broken glass and dancing barefoot on the earth, cans can be crushed before binning to minimise the amount of waste generated at the event which can only be a good thing! Security will be checking for glass upon entry.
Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated at the event, please drink in moderation and look out for your mates.


Although every single stall at the Regrowth Festival only provides food and drink in biodegradable serving ware, you can always do better by bringing your own. 
As a sustainable festival, we want you to help reduce waste and also reduce energy and material consumption used in the production of biodegradable serving ware. 
Recommend a cup and knife and spork combo which can be connected to your belt.
It tastes better without waste.


Festival operation hours are 12 pm Friday 20th January, with the festival finishing at 5 pm Monday 23rd January 2017.  All patrons must vacate the site by 12 pm Tuesday 24th January 2017.  No Pass-outs will be permitted after 7:30 pm as a safety mechanism to keep the local streets safe.


Please always follow the instructions of parking marshals, it is essential we keep all access roads clear AT ALL TIMES for emergency vehicles. If you wish to park with your friends be aware that your access should be simultaneous, as movement into areas that are already filled will not be permitted by parking marshals.


There will be professional first aid officers on duty 24/7 during the festival. However, they will not dispense medication. Please refer to the festival layout guide upon arrival for the location of the first aid tent.

If you take medication for any illnesses make sure you have enough to cover you for the duration that you will be away from home (and take it in its original packaging as proof it's for you - just in case). If you have a medical condition that might cause severe problems make sure you and your mates know what to do in an emergency.

Pack basic first aid items that you just might need in a camping scenario e.g. paracetamol, insect repellent, antiseptic & bandaids - just the basics, but they can be indispensable in your hour of need!

Please note that in the case that first aid officers advise that the situation is serious enough to require emergency service attendance, we will request emergency medical support. Due to the remote location of the site and the response time of emergency services, this may require evacuation by air. These costs may be significant, and organisers do not take responsibility for any cost incurred. We strongly recommend that you ensure that you have ambulance cover which can cost as little as $30 a year.


There will be no access to an ATM at the Regrowth Festival. The Festival will be brimming with market stalls selling everything from awesome clothing to tasty food and chai; homemade jewellery and homoeopathic remedies.


NO ANIMALS are permitted on site. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. At previous events, we have had to turn people away at the gate and it would be a real bummer to have that happen again. To ensure you make it into the festival, please respect this condition and leave your pets at home.


It has come to our attention that the fibres in blue tarps are poisonous to the livestock, and are particularly dangerous because they break away easily from the tarp (especially in windy conditions) and disintegrate into small pieces which are then eaten by accident. If you're planning on bringing a tarp, please buy the silver/dark green type which is heavy duty and won't break up easily.


January is fire season, and as a condition of our use of the site, there will be no fires permitted in camping areas.

No gas cooking stoves are permitted.


You may leave and enter the Regrowth Festival as you please. However, you must ensure that your wristband stays intact. If your wristband has broken, go to the information tent or the gate for a replacement, before you leave the site.  No Passouts will be permitted during the evening after 7:30 pm.


Alcohol and drug use (prescription and illicit) is a significant health issue around the world, particularly when it comes to road safety. People getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle when impaired by alcohol, drugs or prescription medication is a real concern and completely unacceptable.
NEVER drive impaired, you’re putting your own, your friends, other fellow road users and the local community at risk!  
We take the safety of you and your families very seriously.  We also care deeply care about the local community and local fauna.
Note well that the New South Wales Police will increase their presence conducting alcohol and drug testing over the festival period so expect to be tested when arriving and leaving the festival. 
Regrowth Festival does not want impaired drivers on our roads!
To allow you to make informed decisions we have contracted “Blow Me First” to provide alcohol and drug testing for patrons concerned about their ability to drive from Sunday 22nd January to Monday 23rd January. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this service and be safe! If patrons are in any doubt about their ability to drive we welcome you to stay an extra night in our campground. 

Leave nothing but native plants...

Positive impact

This is a landcare event where the net outcome should be positive to the site, and you are an intricate part of that in how you manage yourself and your friends at the event.  

We all know it is important to be comfortable during the festival however we need to ask for your help with a couple of things to ensure we can continue to hold the festival each year. Please ensure that if you bring something to Regrowth Festival, then you take it home. This goes for tents, couches, bean bags, hammocks, and anything else you wish to bring along.

Alongside this is the need to keep your camp site clean. We have successfully reduced waste to landfill, and the majority of rubbish created at the festival is recycled. Please use the system and help us continue to reduce our impact on the planet. There will be a number of bins provided in and around the festival and camping areas, so if you create rubbish, then please make sure it finds a good home in one of the bins, or better still, take your rubbish home with you. This will help us at the end of the festival as it minimises the work we have to do in the days after everyone has gone home.

Support the community

Make use of local business and facilities on your journey to and from the festival.  Let's help the communities that support our events.