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Regrowth Festival FUNDRAISER // JULY 1st 2017 // The Manning Bar, Sydney University

The Regrowth Festival has drawn together a massive Triple Album launch evening for our first post-event fundraiser and we cordially invite you and your fellow human animals.

After the Regrowth Festival 2017 in January added another 4000 plants to the massive total of 71 000 plants planted over the past 12 years, we still found ourselves with a significant financial shortfall. This event will go towards bridging that gap for the not-for-profit community festival to plant more trees.


We will be doing this in style with some of the best local and interstate talent including.

Combat Wombat are the pioneer political hip-hop crew hailing fromMelbourne. Combat Wombat have been at the forefront of Australian music for over a decade. Renowned for blasting political fire in these unsettling times MC Elf Tranzporter, MC Izzy, Monkey Marc and DJ Wasabi are needed more than ever and they will take you on an unforgettable ride of truth and rights mixed with dub-heavy bass.
Recently releasing an album, and touring past Sydney, Combat Wombat and the Regrowth Festival are change making allies. It's our pleasure to facilitate this moment for Sydney

Cheshire Music (Melbourne)
Chesire is a positive force with an epic stage show laying down original funk and bringing dancefloors to a funk down frenzy. If you have a dancing bone in your body or half a pulse, Chesire will get you moving around like a cockatoo at a punk show. We are happy to have this opportunity to host his album launch this year and you will be too....

Bumble (Hawkesbury River)
The solo project of bumble is a hive of vibrations set into the air by an infatuation of audio play. Weaving sonically diverse, bass wobbling, funk centred, glitchy creations. The unifying theme of his music reflect nature, experience, perception and aspires to spark connection. Bumble will be releasing his 11th release on the 1st of July 2017 and is excited to share this experience with Sydney before jetting off to North America for his annual tour.

Rhythm Hunters
We are super excited to announce the phenomenal Rhythm Hunters to the Regrowth Festival fundraiser on July 1....
The Rhythm Hunters are a dynamite force in world roots music, adored for their frenetic drum choreographies and infectious dance grooves, Rhythm Hunters bring cutting edge physical percussion, western horns, Asian flute, deep grooves and electro beats, making them one of Regrowth's most exciting festival acts.

Dom Diaz
Dom Diaz is an explosive wave of upbeat Reggae and Latin rhythms, doused in thick Funk syrup that’s sole purpose is to make you move and be moved. His performance style and infectious vibe engages the audience to kindle their inner animal, forget their inhibitions and completely let go. Concerned only with providing a musical journey for everyone, Dom Diaz has navigated to a specific progressive sound - a potent hybrid of psychedelia, deep dub and feel good Hip-Hop. It’s a sound that urges to be heard live with elements of electronica and organic roots to induce you into a trance and fuel your inner creative fire. Trumpet in hand Dom Diaz and his multi-instrumental compadres will command space and time and bring unlimited energy to the stage.

oJae is the ambient/downbeat project of Max Spackman. A visceral downtempo journey through vibrant soundscapes and layers of emotive vibrations. Haunting melodies, warm pulsing bass and spacey syncopated percussion come together to create a dream-like atmosphere, carrying the listener from dizzying heights to melancholic lulls and back again. 
After performing the last few years at festivals around Australia (Regrowth, Dragon Dreaming, Psyfari, Collaborations, Subsonic, Wide Open Space and Rainbow Serpent to name a few), a lack of representation from the ambient/downbeat spectrum of sound became obvious. This birthed the concept of TraquiLab, a collective label catering to sounds not aimed at a 4/4 dancefloor; ambient, chillout, downbeat, dub etc. 
With TranquiLab set to launch in September, and a full-length album due in December, keep your ears peeled for more from oJae.

Pre-sale Tickets are live:
$35 on the door


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