Art Gallery & Performers

Art Gallery

The Regrowth Art Gallery provides a delectable smorgasbord of optical orgasms. Crafted from the hands, brains and cosmic channels of Australia's party culture with works from local artists and established craft masters. You may need your sun glasses as you can expect your eyes to dribble out of your skull as the painted worlds of colour, magic, light and wonder transform your reality into a fractal of perfectly divine composition and perspective. Original oil and acrylic paintings will be on display as well as live painting, next level digital prints, as well as light box and blacklight art. There will also be lots of time to hang out with the artists and grab a bargain print or two. 


The Regrowth Festival always delivers a plethora of performance content, in the form of roving or staged.  Colour and movement, thought provoking or just fun the Regrowth Festival is a melting pot of performance for all ages and kinds.