73,000 PLANTS REVEGETATED and counting......

In 2004, a diverse crew of individuals with a deep desire to bring environmental awareness and environmental action to youth culture, worked together to deliver the Regrowth Festival in 2005. In that 1st year, upon a stunning rural property, several hundred people danced, discovered, connected, shared knowledge and planted 2000 trees.  Along with the saplings planting in 2005, the following years has seen the festival evolve and grow into a 4 day family friendly event involving live and electronic music, performers, workshops, healing, kids space, markets, art, and most importantly re-generating degraded land through large scale revegetation projects.

Planting trees at the Regrowth Festival is about more than just healing the land. For many, it is first opportunity to partake in a sucessful hands on activity to help the environment.  It can leave a lasting impression of empowerment on those involved and helps forge a vital re-connection with the land. The Regrowth Festival and other associated RE-GEN events have been responsible for planting 73,000 trees, shrubs and groundcovers accross 4 different sites thanks to the active involvement of participants.

Over the years the original structure and membership of RE-GEN has changed somewhat, however the core principles of the organisation have stayed true:


To link communities and individuals with the natural environment through combining environmental on-ground works with music, performance and art.


i. COMMITTED to "thinking globally and acting locally" by raising the communities' awareness of the need for worldwide ecological sustainability while focusing on the active defense and improvement of the environment;
ii. INTENT on showing individuals of Australia that its associated bioregions are not a random series of areas, but an integrated and dynamic unit, with complex ecosystems whose many values are seen to increase the worth of every part of it, so that everyone gains from preserving all aspects of our natural systems and that everyone is aware that they can make a difference;
iii. SUPPORTIVE of other associations and institutions that are perceived to be acting positively towards the environment;
iv. DEPENDENT on financial support of members and friends of RE-GEN and on funds raised by providing services to the community and government bodies, through improving culturally rich events; and not least,
v. AWARE of our link to the land and that of the original indigenous custodians of Australia.

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