It is with great  pleasure that we begin the long journey towards Regrowth Festival  - an event that will be 10 years old in late February 2015.  Just like the forests that support us, we have grown from a small seed - and now are supported by a massive community of individuals who prefer to weave positive projects with their festival celebration.  The event is blended around nature with elaboratly presented stages, quality soundsystems and the highest sustainable practices - earning a coverted Greener Festival Award.  Presenting diverse music from live bands to live electronic music from around the world a tuned community dedicates a component of that potential energy existing at festivals to RE-GENerate through tree-planting a degraded native vegetation at the festival site for the benifit of flora and fauna (and you get to be involved). Alongside this, interactive arts, expression and learning spaces are present to allow all participants to share and learn.  We are now ordering our native plants for 2015 and we will soon be requesting applications from all elements of the festival, so stay tuned and thanks for co-creating the REGROWTH Festival  2015 with us.

Massive Love from REGEN

As a registered not for profit organisation, RE-GEN exists thanks to the many hours volunteered by a core team of dedicated individuals and the many special people that contribute time and money to each event. If you would like to support our organisation and play a part in the production of future projects, please get in touch via our contact form.