After taking a break in 2016 to re-generate energy and focus on new family members, RE-GEN is delighted to be returning to present Regrowth Festival 2017! After finalising a decade of the Festival in 2015, we are committed to bringing about the next phase with the restoration of a new revegetation project at a new site. Details of this exciting new location will be coming soon!

The Regrowth Festival is blended with nature presenting elaborately themed stages, quality sound systems and the highest sustainable practices in the world - earning a coveted Greener Festival Award.
Presenting diverse music over 4 days from live bands to live electronic music from around the world. A tuned community dedicates a component of that potential energy existing at festivals to RE-GENerate through tree-planting native vegetation at the festival site for the benefit of flora and fauna (and you get to be involved). Alongside this, interactive arts, expression and learning spaces are present to allow all participants to share and learn. All activities will be present including an Art Gallery, Cinema, Markets, Healing space and diverse Performers.

Not only are we moving to a new site, but we are also moving to the new date of the 20th-23rd of Jan 2017. This new school holidays date will allow for more of our smaller kin to join us and their respective parents.
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Massive Love from RE-GEN

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As a registered not for profit organisation, RE-GEN exists thanks to the many hours volunteered by a core team of dedicated individuals and the many special people that contribute time and money to each event. If you would like to support our organisation and play a part in the production of future projects, please get in touch via our contact form

Latest News

Regrowth is for the whole tribe - young & old!

It is not just big kids that are part of the Regrowth community, little kids are too! So if your big kid skills are in the area of entertaining, educating or playing with little kids, then make sure you apply for the 'Family Space'. 

Help create the 'Family Space'

Performers - we need your art!

Whether you have a new performance project or one that you have been staging recently.

The colour and movement of the Regrowth Festival is brought alive by your presence and we want you to share your fun, engaging, beautiful or strangely weird projects with us soon so we can finalise our roving and staged performance line ups.

Apply to perform here


Performer applications are open

Volunteer applications are now open

Regrowth Festival cannot exist without our amazing volunteers.

We are seeking volunteers in all departments from door staff to recycling crew.

If you want to be part of the symbiotic team that make the Regrowth Festival 2017 possible, volunteer applications are now live. 

Let's create a positive, sustainable festival together. 

Do you want to volunteer?

Come share your skills, talents & stories

We’ve been receiving a steady stream of inspiring workshop applications, destined to spice up our Regrowth Festival experience with stories, wisdom, skills and connection!

We’re starting to program the spaces now so if you have something to offer please send it in! 

Calling all Workshop Presenters!


Welcome to our brand new website with stunning art by Susan Sparks! We have been lucky enough to gain the use of Susan's amazing piece titled 'The Great Dividing Range' for use as our backdrop to the new website. Combined with graphics work from Erica Sundrop and Crackler alongside web services from Metamedia we couldn't be happier with what these talented people have come up with for us.

Here is a little more about Susan Sparks:

New website launch with art by Susan Sparks!