The last of the crew is finally back home, the trucks are all unpacked, the site is spotlessly clean, the trees watered and the Regrowth Festival is complete for another year and left to grow. Massive thanks to everyone who came and contributed. Thanks to the MWA crew for the amazing ACACIA Stage, Victoria Lees and the SOS crew for the beautiful Wildflower Stage, The Evolver Crew for the superb Evolver Lounge, Lucid Space Design for the amazing bamboo creations, Pixie Lou and Pegasaurus for the fantastic decor, the Optic Soup boys Ben and Tom for the incredible visuals (how good were the faces!), Gary and NOWASTEEVENTS and his crew for looking after waste, Kirador and all the super talented artists for the art gallery, installations, and live painting, Chloe and all the healers, John/Tom/Kate for the wonderful Kids Space, Mel & Buzz & the tree planting crew (2500 trees planted in record time!), all the DJs, bands, solo acts, producers, VJs, performers, presenters, sound and lighting techs, markets, Glen and the toilet crew, Bindi and the gate crew, Shane for ticketing the absolutely awesome team of volunteers from set-up to pack down and throughout the festival, Steve and Mary for the very special welcoming and closing ceremonies, special guests Hugo and Costa for making the journey and adding their energy. Special thanks to Martin Royds for having us back again on his beautiful property, everyone who came and danced or smiled or planted a tree and helped create an incredible community atmosphere over the whole 4 days, and lastly a huge thanks to the REGEN crew, we had to pull off a massive super human effort to make this happen and were rewarded by our best festival ever with hundreds of happy people, a continuation of our land rehabilitation works, and continued lift in environmental awareness. It is this community spirit, energy and environmental awareness which YOU need to take forth to make the change that we so dearly need in our world. Please harness this. We hope we can find the energy to do it all for you again next year, please come and join us this coming Friday for the unofficial Regrowth Festival after party in Sydney to support our neighbours the Philippines :

Massive Love from REGEN

As a registered not for profit organisation, RE-GEN exists thanks to the many hours volunteered by a core team of dedicated individuals and the many special people that contribute time and money to each event. If you would like to support our organisation and play a part in the production of future projects, please get in touch via our contact form.